Write if I must

Write if you must… But write with blood

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

I write when my thoughts get too unbearable to hold inside and then I write to let them go.

Musing forms a large part of my waking life and hence I suffer indiscriminately day after day when an idea lays siege to my mind. However as I may easily qualify for the laziest human ever with an INTP personality, such suffering is now my daily misfortune.

Ideas are inspired into my mind from the most wide ranging sources that can be, as I travel with my mind through the paths many avoid. Nothing that goes into my mind can kill me and if it doesn’t kill me then it makes me stronger. Hence if an idea takes control of my mind…. I let it.

I let it take its baby steps. Stumbling in front of ideas bigger and better. Every stumble that my idea faces makes me modify it slightly. Making it ready to face attacks from rivals that made better sense. My idea becomes an ever wandering one like a lone nomad searching for his oasis and final resting place. When it so moves from one point of view to another it gets more and more sure that its oasis is near.

Then it finds its resting place. The perch from where it sees all other ideas…. struggling beneath. And there it rests and gives up its nomadic life…. temporarily that is, because I believe….

There’s no reason why an idea I believe in must be wrong for even a fraction of a second more than necessary. Show me a better one and my idea changes that instant. If it doesn’t become better than its rival…. the rival becomes my idea

So there it rests. Content with its oasis. But it leaves my mind, its faithful and silent friend who walked every step of its painful journey, in complete abandonment and regales in the comfort of knowing there’s no need to go anywhere else.

Writing, I’ve found through years of such pain inflicted by my ideas, gives me the singular path to letting go of my ideas. Lets me rest them in peace. Frees my cluttered mind. So, I think….

I Must Write

But I must write with blood

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