As Is?! What does Vipassana do to you?

Vipassanā (Pāli) or vipaśyanā (Sanskrit) literally, “special-seeing”, “special (Vi), seeing (Passanā)”, sometimes translated as “insight”, is one of two qualities of mind which is developed in Buddhist meditation, the other being Samatha (mind calming). Wikipedia I believe in scepticism. It keeps you from straying into the wild and the stupid. It helped me a lot. […]

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Gays….Please don’t hate me

I am probably going to enrage a lot of people (not a first for me). But seriously, don’t hate me please. Hear me out and you’ll find that sometimes logic and reason undermines what we superficially feel as natural because we haven’t invested enough thought into it. I write this log because I feel that […]

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Language Reclamation Campaign

There is a movement afoot piloted by an enthusiastic splinter group of men and women, to cleanse the English language of all “sexist” words. I understand the feeling at the root of such a wish among these people, but I fail to comprehend the zeal and sense of entitlement within this faction to portray this […]

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The Genius Dilemma

The Overachiever I once read an interview of Anil Manibhai Naik, the Group Executive Chairman of Larsen & Toubro Limited in a magazine. He’s undoubtedly a high achiever whose exploits like saving L&T from a hostile takeover, are legends passed on in MBA classrooms around the world. They credit 3.36 Crore (33.6 million) Rupees into his account as […]

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Write if I must

Write if you must… But write with blood Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche I write when my thoughts get too unbearable to hold inside and then I write to let them go. Musing forms a large part of my waking life and hence I suffer indiscriminately day after day when an idea lays siege to my mind. […]

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